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How to choose the right remedies for the treatment?

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses multiple natural remedies to achieve the best results.  There is no better or worse
method, each of the remedies has its own specific application for the conditions that require to be used.  Some remedies
can be replaced with each other for some conditions at a time.  Most of time, the best remedies are selected for the
conditions that are needed based on the experience of the practitioners.  Very often, multiple remedies are combined
together during one treatment so that a fast result can be achieved. To learn more about how each remedy works, please
click the list on the left column.
Heavenly Joy
Natural Health

 Eletro-multiple Pulsing Therapy
 Cupping, Scripping, Moxabustion, Acupressure
 Energy Healing, Qi-gong, Tai-Chi, breathing exercise
 Herbal and dietary therapies
 Life-style coating
 Spiritual enhancement

Traditional Chinese Medicine has 3500 years history, and now is the most influenced medicine in the world.  Acupuncture is one of the natural healing remedies in Traditional Chinese Medicine
remedies that helps to restore the natural healing process in human bodies.  Chinese herbs and
acupuncture has been largely studied by modern sciences and validated by clinic trials
worldwide.  The World Health Organization maintains a list of conditions, diseases and disorders
that are treatable by acupuncture. You can find the list


Fire Cupping

Pulsing Therapy

Herbs and Dietary

Meridian Massage/



Energy Healing
Medical Qi-gong

Qi-gong, Tai-Chi,
breathing exercise  
Release your pain and suffering.
Invite greater joy into your life.
Health insurance coverage for acupuncture treatment

Heavenly Joy Natural Health accepts health insurance coverages for acupuncture treatment, worker compensation and
auto-accident caused injuries.  If you are not clear about your acupuncture treatment coverage, benefits, and co-payment.
 We can find out these information for you.   

Our Service fees

We provide sliding scale of service fees base on client's in-come, treatment time and the procedures provided.   We
encourage you to call us to find out the treatment fees for you.  Our normal rate of first visit is $100-$120, follwoing up is
from $50-$80.

First time visit, thers is always a comprehensive diagnosis session with Dr. Wu.  The diagnosis session can go from 10
min. to 45 min. depending on a client's condition.  In general, your first visit will last from 1hr 15min. to 2hrs.
You will be aksed detailly about your daily life, your physical body conditions.  You will be examed with your blood
pressure, heart rate, your facial complexition, tongue, and pulse of both arms.  Dr. Wu will discuss with you about your
come up with treatment method, remedies will applied to you, and your treatment plan.  And, you will be likely given
some herbal formula, teas or pills.  Please don't hesitate to express the taste about herbal tea.

If you currently take lots of drugs, medications, and suppliments, please bring the lists of them. Or you can bring them
with you if you can't remember the names of them.  Dr. Wu can help you to identify if your condition is created by the
side effects of the drugs, or agreviated by these drugs you are taken.  

The following up treatment normally last from 45 min. to 1hr 15min depending on the condition.    If clients fell asleep
during the treatment, they are allowed to extend for another 30min. without additional charge.  Clients always are given
enough time to be treated and rest during their vists.