Meditation for Loving Energy
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Purpose of Meditation

Meditation is an inner path for our consciousness to connect with our sub-conscious, which, in other words, allows us to
be closely connected with the desires of our heart and soul.  Meditation is a major form of practice and training for Taoist
and Buddhist followers; it allows one to find the truthfulness of love and the kindness of a true human being.  Meditation
allows one to build and manifest one’s sub-consciousness abilities and desires, thus allowing one’s heart and soul to be
more present and awakened.
Six-Sounds of Breathing Exercise
Function:  Expelling illness and prolong life
Breathing exercises was developed from ancient people in China. It was used to prevent disease and prolong lives.  This series of breathing
exercise was developed from the oldest breathing exercises inherited from the ancient breathing exercises.  It combines the exhaling through
mouth while making Sheeu , Huh, Whoo, Sss, Chway, Shee sound quietly, also  called “Six-Words Method (六字决)” .  The earliest written
record was found in<Journal of Cultivate Moral and Prolong Life>《养性延命录》by Hong-Jing Tao  (陶弘景) in Han dynasty.    In Tang
dynasty,  Si-Miao Sun (孙思邈) (590-682),   was one of the most famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians in the history, strongly value
the breathing exercise for self-healing and disease prevention.   He corresponded each breathing exercise with each internal organ and also
corresponded to the seasons to practice the exercise.   
Metabolizing Food inside our body produces many toxins, in addition, external stresses, emotional and spiritual disturbances will produce all
kinds of toxins. If they are accumulated for a long time inside our organs, these toxins will attack our cells and organs, will block any of nine
external orifices, damage the muscle, bone and tendons, disabling our organ’s normal functions.  The purpose of this series of six-sounds
breathing exercise is to exhale the internal toxic gas (呼出脏腑之毒) and inhale the clear air from Heaven and Earth (吸入天地之清). If one
Practices for one day, you can receive a small effectiveness, practice for 10 days, you will receive a big effectiveness. If you practice for one
year, the illnesses and diseases are prevented, and your life is prolonged.

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