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In Traditional Chinese medicine, fire cupping was called as Jiao Liao (角疗).  It was initially used for treat abscesses and
carbuncles, later, it used to treat various conditions, and also used for releasing pain and relaxing muscles.  Rejuvenate energy
and promote blood flowing. Or adults it uses for all kinds of conditions.  Combine with blood letting, which becomes very
powerful healing tool, to take the toxin out of body, take the old blood out and clean up the meridians and channels.  
2. Fire Cupping
Firing cupping is a traditional Chinese
Medicine remedy and a Chinese cultural
heritage. It is one of an oldest natural
healing remedies been using in many
cultures.  Fire cupping is commonly used
as home in China. You can see many
Grandmothers do cupping on their
grandchildren when they are having
coughs.  Fire cupping is a great
remedies for treating cough, it takes
coldness away from the lungs.  
Children's cough often is due to the
coldness trapped inside lungs.  Most of
time, cupping alone can very effectively
treat cough. Nowadays, Kids also enjoy
cupping for relaxation, rejuvenation.
Cupping is one of the favorite natural
healing remedies for my 8-years old
Blood letting is called Ci Luo(刺络), an ancient remedy being inherited in TCM, and are very commonl used in nowadays.  It
is very effective method for reliefing pain that is caused by trauma injury and blood stasis.  Blood letting method is an application
of fire cupping.  It uses the suction to get the old blood and toxin out on the affected area.

How to do it? Using a lencet to poke a hole on the skin or  after acupuncture, then using fire cupping to suck out the toxis, blood
or puss on the affected area.  It is very effective way to detox the affected area, promoting new blood and energy flow into the
effective area.  Once the old blood or toxin is removed, new blood is coming in and the healing process then starts.  This method
can bring an immedietely effectiveness.
How it works?
Tools includes cups, and clamps, cotton balls, 75-90% alcohol,  a lighter, or a candle.  Using a forced holding cotton
balls which dipped with alcohol, then lighten up with fire, quick put the fire inside the container and move the fire out,
the air inside the cups thus is pushed away, leaves the cup with a negative pressure or has a vacuum effect. Then,
quickly put the cup on the skin where has more muscle and soft tissues.  

Cupping helps to relaxed muscles, rejuvenation, promote blood and energy flow, and help to get rid of coldness, heat,
damp, old blood and toxins.  Your health conditions can be identified based on the temporary cup print left on your
body after cupping.  The location of the cupping will indicate the specific organs conditions. If the pint is:
     1)  Redness, indicating of heat  
     2)  Pale red, when you touch, very cold. indicating internal coldness
     3)  Purple to black, indicating the different severity of blood stagnation and blood stasis
     4)  Moist and hardness, indicating dampness and water retention
     5)  Blisters, clear blister indication dempness toxin and severe water retention
     6)  Bloody blister, indicating blood toxin acumulation, or virus infection in your system
Blood letting treatment for Ankle strain/sprain
3.  Blood letting
Blood letting treatment for an abcess


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