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Acupuncture is one of the natural healing remedies used in TCM that
helps to restore the natural healing process in human bodies.  

TCM systems are based on ancient Yin-Yang theories and principles.  A
meridians, channels, and vessels that connect the whole body into a
unified working system.  Each internal organ governs a route of flowing
energy and controls specific physiological and psychological functions.  If
one route has sluggish flow, it not only affects one specific organ or
channel, but potentially others, and can cause multi-organ/meridian
disharmony and degrade general condition.  

TCM is a personalized medicine, energy medicine, holistic medicine, and
also a regenerative and preventive medicine.  TCM never separates the
emotional and spiritual elements from the body.  When emotional factors
are unbalanced, there is disruption of the balance of energy and blood
circulation causing numerous conditions.  The TCM natural healing
remedies, including herbal medicine, cupping, acupressure, and
moxabustion aim to help restoring body, mind, and spirit balance.  

A good TCM practitioner should be able to help you to control the disease
conditions at budding stage and help to disrupt/stop the pathogenic
processes at their earliest stages.  

In this work shop, you will receive introductory information about
Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, when you may use TCM
for your health issues, weight control, anti-aging process and maintaining
general health.  

This class is not currently listed on the calendar.
Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Invite greater joy into your life.
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July 29, 2012, 7pm-9pm, Sunday Night Free Meditation
Event SATSANG Lead by Brain Lottman
Current Events
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       This advanced class for natural cosmetic facial rejuvenation and health
maintenance will focus on hand-on experience with more advanced technique as
well as natural cosmetic product preparation.  You will continue learn more
technique on facial rejuvenation and herbal cream preparation.  After learning this
series of classes, you can start practice facial rejuvenation.  You can develop your
own herbal cosmetic products for your clients.  This is very rewarded practical
class provided by Dr. Joy Wu (Ph.D., DOAM, L.Ac).
       Why people develop wrinkles on their face?  People would say it is the aging
process. Why someone looks older than others, why there are more wrinkles or
spots on one part of face but nor other part.  Do expensive cosmetic product or
injection procedures can make our facial wrinkle free?  What are the real matters
that affect our skin’s health and keep our bodies rejuvenated?
You will learn from Dr. Joy Wu (Ph.D., DOAM, L.Ac) on the constitutional
differentiation system of facial rejuvenation and TCM facial observation.  Dr. Wu
will provide you rich and valuable information to keep your own health on check
through your facial color changes.  Natural cosmetic healings not only help
maintain a healthy wrinkle free facial skin, but also rejuvenate whole body and
prolong lives.
Purpose of Meditation

Meditation is an inner path for our consciousness to connect with our
sub-conscious, which, in other words, allows us to be closely connected
with the desires of our heart and soul.  Meditation is a major form of
practice and training for Taoist and Buddhist followers; it allows one to
find the truthfulness of love and the kindness of a true human being.  
Meditation allows one to build and manifest one’s sub-consciousness
abilities and desires, thus allowing one’s heart and soul to be more
present and awakened.