Patient: 27yrs old, female, Mexican, the first visit on Feb. 19, 2011
Main Complain:  Ear infection on both sides for two months, painful, swollen, can’t hear well with buzz
sounds on the background

Current Medical History:  Patient started with a sore throat, and then feeling of ear pain.  Went to
see western medical doctor, diagnosed as ear infection, she received two courses of antibiotics
treatments.  The last one was finished two days ago.  Patient became afraid of taking any drugs after
that.  The antibiotics did not help her at all.  Now, she suffered painful and swollen ears, left side was
worse than right side.  Afraid of being touch, the swollen extended to the neck below the ear lope.
She can’t hear very clearly, feeling of blocking, she always heard her own voice and had a
background sound of zzzzi….all the time.  There were some puss and liquid coming out of ear some
time.  She felt so tired of these sounds.  She went to doctor for the ear pain, doctor could only give
the Tylenol for the pain.

Past Medical History:  patient has a 16 months old son.  She hasn’t had period since 2007.  
Current she is not pregnant.
Physical Exam:  patient is a little over weight, normal blood pressure.  Left ear showed more swollen
than right ear, no obvious redness around the swollen part.  Some dried liquid puss on the ears,
patient confirmed there was some fluid coming out.

Tongue: red, thin greasy coat  
Pulse: slippery rapid, superficial
Treatment Remedies:

1)        Acupuncture for whole body and local areas
2)        Blood letting was carried local areas around ear and also on the ear lope
3)        Cupping on the back
4)        Take home herbal tea
Ear Infection

Instant Results:
1)        patient was very happy after treatment and found her swollen on the ear and neck
significantly reduced, no more pain in the ear.
2)        She was suggested to come back for another treatment 2 days later.

2nd visit:  two days after, patient was extremely happy and told Dr. Wu that she had her period
next day after the treatment.  She has not able to have the period since 2007.  MD doctor
suggested her to take birth control pill. She didn’t want to take.
Symptom left: Her ear felt much better, still have blocking and couldn’t hear clearly.  Buzz sound
disappeared.  Still some pain but much less than before.

Treatment Remedies:

1)        Acupuncture similar as the first time.
2)        Cupping on the back after acupuncture.

Instant Result:  After remove the needle, patient eagerly wanted me to talk to her, so I asked her
how was she felt.  She was so happy that she can hear clearly now, and seemed everything was
normal.  No pain left either.

I suggested patient to come for the treatment to regulate menstruation.  So far, patient feels
everything is good.


The period coming helped her condition very much.  Menstruation bleeding in her case help to
clear the heat toxin in the blood and bring the fire out.  So the swollen and distention can be
resolved quickly.