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Preventive Medicine Workshop:
Cosmetic Acupunture and Facial

Day: Last Sunday overy every month  
Start: 10am-6pm

Place:  Heavenly Joy Natural Health
885 A Olive Ave., Novato, CA 94945

415-373-7827, attcm888@yahoo.com

Cost:  $90 TCM student or public
  $120 TCM practictioner or other          
   related specialist

Please free to call or email with
questions or RSVP.
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Workshop: Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation I

Why people develop wrinkles on their face?  People would say it is the aging process. Why
someone looks older than others, why there are more wrinkles or spots on one part of face but
nor other part.  Do expensive cosmetic product or injection procedures can make our facial
wrinkle free?  What are the real matters that affect our skin’s health and keep our bodies
You will learn from Dr. Joy Wu (Ph.D., DOAM, L.Ac) on the constitutional differentiation system of
facial rejuvenation and TCM facial observation.  Dr. Wu will provide you rich and valuable
information to keep your own health on check through your facial color changes.  Natural
cosmetic healings not only help maintain a healthy wrinkle free facial skin, but also rejuvenate
whole body and prolong lives.

1)        Facial observation – Facial Zang-Fu organ regional identification & diagnosis,
understanding the meanings of lines and colors, and know how to read earlier signs of server
conditions, such as cordial vascular diseases and coronary heart disease.
2)        Constitution identification – TCM 10 type of constitutional diagnosis
3)        Facial acupuncture principle
4)        Facial acupuncture needling technique
5)        Body supporting acu-point selection
6)        How to make facial herbal masks or cream, teach how to cook, and how to select herbs for
different facial conditions
7)        Clinic practice and cooking herbal cream
Workshop also provides:
•        Hard copy material, needles and herbs, and other accessories.  Please bring a mirror with a
handle with you.
•        Lunch (home cooked Chinese food)