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Community Acupuncture San Rafael
Patients will enter into a community room which they will share with a few other patients. The cost of each visit will be around $20-$40 per visit which is based on a
sliding scale. Patients will need to wear clothes which are accessible by the practitioner. Treatment usually lasts anywhere from 40-60 minutes. If your condition is
more complicated it will be recommended to re-visit for a private treatment.
Our goal is to provide affortable and effective treatment in a comfortable setting. The idea is to keep health costs as minimal as possible and still treat a wide variety
of people. Community acupunture has been used in Asia for a long time even though being treated in private rooms is more common in the west.

Open Hours:
Thurseday             9 am - 5pm
Saturday              2 pm- 5pm
Sunday                 1 pm - 4pm