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and physicians that the major content of the <<Yellow Emperor of Internal Medicine> had appeared in the Warring State
Period (战国时期) (475 BC-221 BC).  It had been added during the Qin Dynasty (秦朝) (221 BC -206 BC) and Han
Emperor of Internal Medicine> was able to be seen in the public.

The Yellow Emperor is the legacy of the first ancestor of Chinese nation, he lead and taught Chinese people how to live,
farming and maintaining health.  This book was titled with his name in order to lead in to fame and authority.

Components of <Yellow Emperor of Internal Medicine>:
It encompasses two parts: 1) Su Wen 素问 (The Basic Questions), this part has eighty-one articles, which describes the
fundamental principle of Yin-Yang theory, heaven-human unity, how a human body works and what causes disease and so
2) Ling Zhu 灵杼(The Divine Pivot), this part also contains eighty-one articles, which mainly explains what is the
acupuncture meridian systems and how acupuncture treat diseases.  
About to <Yellow Emperor of Internal Medicine>
 Man and the nature are mutually corresponding.  This is unique feature of TCM that differes from almost all
other world medicine.  TCM regards the physiologicl process and pathological changes of human being are
closely related to nature.
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<Yellow Emperor Internal Medicine> had appeared in
the Warring State Period (475 BC-221 BC)