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885 A Olive Ave.
Novato, CA 94945
Heavenly Joy
Natural Health
Advanced Cosmetic Acupunture

Day: June 29, 2014  
Start: 10am-6pm

Place:  Heavenly Joy Natural Health
885 A Olive Ave., Novato, CA 94945

415-373-7827, attcm888@yahoo.com

Cost:  $90 TCM student or public
   $120 TCM practictioner or other         
    related specialist

Please free to call or email with
questions or RSVP.
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This advanced class for natural cosmetic facial rejuvenation and health maintenance will focus on
hand-on experience with more advanced technique as well as natural cosmetic product
preparation.  You will continue learn more technique on facial rejuvenation and herbal cream
preparation.  After learning this series of classes, you can start practice facial rejuvenation.  You
can develop your own herbal cosmetic products for your clients.  This is very rewarded practical
class provided by Dr. Joy Wu (Ph.D., DOAM, L.Ac).   CEU (8-hrs) will be pending for this class.

1)        Practice facial and constitution diagnosis and assessment – Using TCM 10 type of
constitutional diagnosis
2)        Teaching and demonstration of  cosmetic facial cupping
3)        Teaching and demonstration of facial acupuncture and Guan-Sha
4)        Hands on herbal cream and herbal salve preparation (herbs, sesame oil, grape seed old
and bee vex are provided by the works shops).  If you have a rice cooker, hot plate or a fry pan,
please bring them with you.
5)        Prepare for massage and Guasha oil
6)        How to make facial herbal masks or cream, teach how to cook, and how to select herbs for
different facial conditions

Workshop also provides:
•        Hard copy material, needles and herbs, and other accessories.  Please bring a mirror with a
handle with you.
•        Lunch (home cooked Chinese food)