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1.  Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture uses fine solid needles to insert into body
to achieve opening, wakening, connecting, releasing,
boosting our nervous and vascular system to allow our
body retain to normal healthy conditions.  Today, the
needles are mostly stainless steel needles, that are sterile,
filament-thin, flexible, single use and relatively pain less.  
These acupuncture needles are disposable, these is no
chance to get cross infection with others.  
Electricity acupuncture will use a continue or discontinue
electric pulsation to the needles to give a strong
stimulations.  This can be a better solution for managing
the pain-related conditions and generate a better result.
Holographic theory has been widely applied in Chinese
Medicine meridian systems.  Any functional unit of our
body such as hand, foot, ear, eye, nose, and so on can
reflect a whole organic human body.  Therefore, treating
a small area of our body can profoundly effect to the
whole body.  Not surprised to see, ancient acupuncture
techniques also include hand-acupuncture,
foot-acupuncture, naval-acupuncture,
auricular-acupuncture, eye acupuncture and so on. Some
family or linage inherited techniques may focus on using
one or a few styles.  Some practitioners learns many
systems and then develop some their own systems. So
the effectiveness of the acupuncture is depended on the
skill and knowledge of each individual practitioner.   
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