Bio of Dr. Joy T. Wu
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Joy Tianyun Wu, Ph.D., DAOM, L.Ac.
Professor and Mentor of Doctoral
program in University of East-West
Medicine, Sunnyvale, CA
Professor of Master English program
of Acupuncture and Oriental
Medicine, UEWM, Sunnyvale, CA

2012, Doctor of Acupuncture and
Oriental Medicine, UEWM, Sunnyvale,
2009, M.S., Acupuncture, Acupuncture
and Integrative Medicine College,
Berkeley, CA
  • Biomedical Research Scientist
    20 years, including Post-
    Doctoral research scientist in
    the area of gene discoveries,
    protein isolation, anti-cancer
    research, and embryonic stage
    of neurodevelopment in
    UCSF/VAMC and other
    Acamedic institutes.
  • 1998, Ph.D. in Cellular and
    Molecular Biology/Plant
    pathology, Ohio State
  • M.S., Plant Pathology, Ohio
    State University
  • B.S. Microbiology, Shandong
    University, Jinan, Shangdong

Dr. Joy Wu was born and raised in
Handan (邯郸市), Hebei Province, P.R.
China.  Handan is one of the oldest
city and has the richest culture in
Chinese history.
This is a wall picture of our herbal room that was painted
by my daughter Aurora  when we set up our clinic.
I am a passionate doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine and a
licensed acupuncturist.  I have found my true happiness is to help
others become healthier and happier. That is why I love what I do!

And I treasure the Chinese Medicine natural healing arts system
because it brings harmony to oneself, our surroundings and the earth.
I was raised in China within a loving family that practiced folk Chinese
Medicine. My great-grandmother was a well-known mid-wife and
herbalist who treated a variety of female conditions, including infertility.

What people here call organic remedies were the natural healing herb
therapies my mother used for her children and herself when we got
sick and to maintain our good health.

My mother also used fire-cupping to treat her children when they had
bad cough that had being last for a while.  My mother taught me how
to do it before I was ten.  At that time, the way was done was very
scary because there were no any fancy tools as we have now. But it
worked every time my mom did.

Roots were literally used to help heal so it was not surprising that I
wanted to learn the root cause of pain, illness, health, and happiness.
Since I had a keen interest in science my father wanted me to become
a medical doctor, not much differences to him either I became a
Chinese or Western medicine doctor.  Father was mechanical engineer
whom came from a royal blood related background.  Father strongly
desired me to become a medical doctor, because he though I could
help lots of people. But, I made up my own mind to study
microbiology as the college major.  

I studied all around of life science and now I become a medicine
doctor.  This made me strongly believe that Traditional Chinese
Medicine is a human treasure and provides the most effective, cheap
and simple way to heal.  It does not reply on electricity, lab test.
Chinese medicine doctor can help many conditions and can perform in
any time and places.
Rewarded as faculty of DOAM
program in University of
East-West University
Learned and served as Chinese to English translator for many famous TCM doctors from China.
Release your pain and suffering.
Invite greater joy into your life.
Before becaming a Chinese Medicine doctor, I spent 20 years of
working as a biomedical research scientist. This gave me a unique
perspective on conventional medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.