Meditation for Loving Energy
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Spirituality is involved in one’s conscious and subconscious beliefs, it is how one’s heart and soul want to be connected.  
Spirituality provides the root source of human energy, where allows ones mind free and achieve a state of peacefulness,
one to find one’s truth self, be more kind and open to others, be in harmony within oneself and with one’s

Each of us is connected with other people and with nature through our spirituality.  If two people share the same
spiritual values, their love can be stronger and deeper because their energies resonate together.  To build up
unconditional loving energy, we need to cultivate ourselves through an inner path with a healing process that allows our
spiritual energy to grow with love and kindness. To make our love energy stronger, we need to allow our spiritual energy
(神气)to grow and become stronger.  

The Role of Spirituality

Spirituality represents one's heart and soul which is close to our true being as constituted by the nature of Heaven (天)
and Earth (地).  Spirituality has the nature of Heaven, with its true kindness, giving and loving.  Spirituality also has the
nature of the Earth with its nourishing, caring and endurance.  People who share the same values and spirituality but do
not necessarily share the same religion, can connect easily because their energies resonate with each other through
interconnection with the Universe.  Spiritual energy can change our appearance, our physical structure and our state of
mind.  If we are true to ourselves, we can be filled with loving energy just like a little child and we can be joyful just like a
child.  Anyone can both provide and attract loving energy and happiness, and can also provide and attract sadness and
loneliness, because like attracts like.  This is the Tao of the Universe.  Our way of living follows our own conscious desire,
and if we are following a spiritual path, our choices in life follow the desires of our heart and soul.  Life is a learning path,
and as long as one is a knowledge seeker and spiritual seeker, one has the potential to be the most lovable person in the

Purpose of Meditation

Meditation is an inner path for our consciousness to connect with our sub-conscious, which, in other words, allows us to
be closely connected with the desires of our heart and soul.  Meditation is a major form of practice and training for Taoist
and Buddhist followers; it allows one to find the truthfulness of love and the kindness of a true human being.  Meditation
allows one to build and manifest one’s sub-consciousness abilities and desires, thus allowing one’s heart and soul to be
more present and awakened.

Because our modern life involves a lot of materialism and the desires for power, true human nature is not fully presented
or buried underneath greedy materialism and the desire for power. Modern life often brings the greedy, self-centered
ego and dishonest nature to the surface.  The human body starts to suffer emotional stresses, such as joy, sadness, grief,
worry, fright and anger, which affect our health and our sense of wellbeing. Our hearts are closed, we become suspicious,
jealous, hard to trust and hard to be trusted.  We become resistant to forgiving others, including our loved ones.   In this
way, we make ourselves unlovable at all levels.  We become self-centered, unable to recognize one another’s needs and
not able to offer love or care.  That is how materialism and the ego of desiring for power can make a person lonely and

One day, when you are enlightened by a spiritual teaching, your material and power needs will seem satisfied or
unimportant.  A true voice will come from your mind while you meditate, and the true desire of love, compassion, and
peacefulness will emerge from the bottom of your heart.  That is the change which we need to make in our lives.  The
true voice encouraged by meditation is the wisdom of our inner self coming to us from our sub-conscious.  It frees us to
start on a journey of finding our true self.  This is a spiritual journey which is unique for each person.  The wisdom of
Taoist living principle tells us that one should re-examine oneself every day, to make sure that what we do every day
should meet our spiritual needs and reflects our true being (静思反醒).    

Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

How can we make our heart’s desires come true?  If we want to attract love energy this year, we need to cultivate
ourselves with high loving energy.  If we want to have peaceful healthy energy, then we need to cultivate ourselves to
have peaceful healthy energy.  How to do it?  Traditional Chinese medicine can help.  Chinese medicine and Taoist
principles are rooted together with the Yin-Yang Tai-Chi principles.  Chinese medicine focuses on holistically treating one’
s spirit, mind and body.  It uses natural healing methods supplemented with natural herbal remedies to allow the body
to maintain balance.  When the body is in balance we can embark on the spiritual journey that returns us to our true
selves.  Meditation exercise is one of the natural remedies of traditional Chinese medicine.  Chinese medicine is life
wisdom which uses natural healing remedies to allow our energy to manifest itself at the level we desire.

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