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Ear-infection for two months treated with acupuncture

27-yrs old, female, Mexican, the first visit on Feb. 19, 2011
Main Complain:  Ear infection on both sides for two months, painful, swollen, can’t hear
well, having buzz sounds on the background.

Result: Cured after two treatments in 4 days.  In addition, patient benefited to get her
first period after three years amenstruation (without having period).
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Bell's Palsy treated with Acupuncture

Case 1,   Nov. 2010
Patient: Carman, female, 47 years old, married
Condition: Four days after Bell's Palsy

Being angry a day before the Bell's Palsy onset.  Next morning, she found her left
side face numb and counldn't control her left face.  She went to see her MD, and
was diagnosed as Bell's palsy.  Her girl friend's sister was my patient, she was
introduced to me.
Before her first treatment, she could not hold water and food in her mouth.  
Couldn't close her eyes at night.  She also had insomnia, anger issues.
TCM diagnosis:  Liver Blood deficiency, internal and external wind (virus)
attacking stomache channels
Treatment Plan: apply 2 acupuncture treatment/per week plus herbal teas.  It is
very important to make sure patients is able to close eyesduring sleep.  So the
inital focus was to expel the wind and restore the control of eyes.  

All the treatments were done in the evening at 6-8pm.  After treatment, patient
went home and rest. This patient found her face significantly different next
After first treatment, she was able to close her mouth, and close her eyes.
After 2nd treatment, it was about 75% better. able to raise eye brow. the smiling
crease showed out on her left face.
After 3rd treatment, she reached about 90% better.
After 4th treatment, she looked quite normal, but still see some swollen at her left
In order to stablized the treatment, two more treatments were carried out.

She was cured after 6 treatments with acupuncture and herbal tea within two and
half weeks.  Her MD doctor was amazed her progress.

Patient also expressed that she was sleeping better and felt much calm than
before.  She continued to recieve acupuncture for her should neck pain and her

Case 2:
Patient: 18-years old girl
Condition: 14 days after Bell Palsy

She was at night party celebrating July 4th, next morning, got up with ear pain
and went to see doctor and treated with ear infection.  One day later, she lost
control to her right face.  Then she went to her docotr, she was diagnosed with
Bell Palsy.  She was put on the medicine for anti-inflammatory drugs and steriod
hornome.  She didn't get any better and only worse, her right eye ad mouth could
not be closed.

The first treatment was quite successful, she was able to close her eye at night,
and she was able to feel her face next day.  After three treatment, her sensition
was almost fully recovered, but the motion was not quite there yet.  Her case
didn't like Carman's as previous case, her progress was much slower than
Carman's case. I suspected that the drugs she was talking may slow down the
After 8 treatment over three weeks, her condition was about 75% better.  I did two
more treatments to her, she had to go to LA because school started. She was not
100% recovered, but she felt much comfortable to be out and talk to other
people.  She told me that her friend told her that she could not tell if she had Bell
Pulsy.  I advised her to seek acupuncture treatment when she was settle down in
LA area.

Dr. Wu's advice:  If you have a condition like Bell Palsy, please seek
acupncture treatment as soon as possible.  The sooner you are treated with
acupuncture, the faster you can be recovered.  If you have any questions
regarding to acupuncture treating Bell Palsy conditions, please feel free to
ask Dr. Wu.
Ovarian Cyst treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs

A 35-yrs old, female, Mexican,
Main Complain:  Left side abdominal pain one months after miscarriage.  Heaviness,
distension, painful by pressing, pale red tongue, wiry pulse.  
Ultrasound diagnosis: A cyst of 80mm x 80mm on the left site of ovary. Observation for
West Medicine Diagnosis: Ovarian Cyst

Treatment Remedies:
First of all using acupuncture for local and distal points, and blood letting on distal
points, then, use external hot herbal poises at her lower abdomenon area.  
Instant Result: after treatment, her left side abdonmenal pain was completely
relieves, the feeling of distension was totally gone.   
She continued with two bags of herbal tea, and cured just after one acupuncture
treatment.  Her condition did not get worse and she was so hppy that she can avoided
the surgery.
Men's sexual dysfunction treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Patient:  38 years old male caucasian, medium over-weight and
Main complain:  sexual performance was not satisfied for one year

Wester Medicine Diagnosis:  High blood pressure, impotent, premature

Patient felt tired easily now than before. Often irritable, involve in
arguments, lots of stresses.
Patient came to the clinic with lower back pain and soreness.

TCM diagnosis:  Kidney Yin and Liver Yin deficiency, Liver yang rising

Treatment:  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal tea and pills

Result: after one treatment, patient came home taking the herbal medicines
every day.  Patient explained that he felt the differences after 2-3 days, and
his sexural performance was getting better.

Treatments continued for a month, and he felt he was like his 20's.