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Anti-Aging and Stress Management:  We can assist you in releasing stress and bring the body back into balance. Acupuncture is a
improven natural remedy that is able to balance internal organ's function and their related emotional problems. For example irritability is
associated with the liver. By bring your liver into balance irritability is reduced.  We offer life coaching to help you eliminate the source of
stress in your life.  

Stress releasing is the primary key to prevent of degenerative diseases occuring to your body.  it helps to slow down the aging process.
Promote rejuvenation and prolong quality life.
In other word, stress can agrivate pain, increase inflamation, produce high amount of oxidants, slow down blood flow and energy flow
inside your body and graduately slow down your immunon system, cause earlier aging of internal organs or cancers...

Internal Medicine: We have had great success in reducing multiple complications for the chronic conditions, such as diabetes, chronic
fatigue, Huntington's Disease and rhumertoid arthritis, chronic heart diseases....

Men's Health: We can address prostate health, libido and sex performance, energy issues, stresses, anger issues. Both erectile dysfunction
and premature ejaculation can be treated naturally with TCM. No need to take costly drugs that will affect your long term health.

Pain Management: We discover the root of problem(s) and treat it. The treatments will reduce the pain and promote body regeneration
and cellular repair.

Pediatrics: Natural care for children is best. Genetic problems aside childrens' condition tend to be very simple. Chinese medicine has
thousands years experience on treating childhood conditions using very mild and natural healing remedies. Children's bodies do not handle
drugs well.

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation: Studies in China have well established that acupuncture treatment is the most effective treatment for post-
stroke rehabilitation. Most of the TCM hospitals in China have a rehabilitation department for post stroke patients.   The sooner a patient
receives acupuncture treatment for post stroke conditions, both a quicker recovery and better results can be achieved. In many cases
patients have a fully recovery within 3 to 6 months. I have much experience in using acupuncture and herbs to help post-stroke conditions.
Skin Conditions:  Chinese herbal medicine has great effectiveness on many skin diseases, such as psoriasis, skin cancer, rashes.  TCM helps
to cure the root cause of problem, which helps to eliminate itchiness very effectively.

Traumatic Injuries: TCM and acupuncture effectively treat the conditions caused by car accidents, concussions, sport injuries, falls, broken
ankle or wrist, and so on.  Immediately receiving TCM and acupuncture treatment can effectively release any pain and quickly speed up the
recovery process.  

Weight Management:  We offer a three fold approach to weight loss. TCM will bring the body back into balance to help remove the
excess pounds. Through dietary therapy we teach you holistic way to eating what your body needs. Lastly our spiritual life coaching enable
you overcome emotional eating and addictive eating behaviors, which are the source of much weight gain. Once a healthy weight is
reached we help you maintain a healthy weight and offer herbal formulas to detox regularly.

Woman's Health: We can address beauty and health, PMS, fertility support, postpartum depression, perimenopausal and menopausal

Help to quit smoking, drug and alcohol dependence:  We offer a two fold approach to help you overcome smoking, alcohol and drug
addictions. TCM treats the damage caused by the additions and helps bring balance to the mind, body and emotions. Through spiritual life
coaching we will show you how to delete your addictive behavior. All addictive behaviors can be overcome through a combination of TCM
and spiritual life coaching. Also we can heal liver and kidney damage by using herbal formulas.
We can cultivate your family's health in a natural way
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory is based on Yin-Yang Tai-Ji (Heaven-Human Unity), 天
人合一, principles. At its core is a completed energy pictographic-field system, the meridian
system. The human body is a complicated but organized system of circuits. Each person has their
own constitution and their own energy state.

Chinese medicine uses meridian system theories, which allow doctors to see internal problems
from the outside. This system simplifies the diagnosis and treatment process. It does not rely on
machine examination and lab test results to understand your present health state.  In fact this
systems enables detection of problems much earlier in most cases.  It will identify both the root
cause of disease and detail where it will go.  This system provides a in depth knowledge on
disease prevention.  Knowing the course a pathological condition will take lets us prevent the
disease from further developing.

The TCM therapeutic method is effective, simple, inexpensive, minimum of side-effects and non-
invasive. At our clinic we have the support of a great team of experts in many areas both in the
US and China.  Chinese medicine traditionally aims to cure the conditions resulting in disease.
Any remedies used will help restore the body return to its natural state.  Then the body will heal
itself. It is said by great doctors that if the medicine is not able to cure it is due the doctor's lack
of knowledge and understanding about the disease.
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We offer natural healing and research in the following areas
Heavenly Joy Natural Health
Clinic has a beautiful spacious
office, residing in downtown
Novato, Ca.  It is across from
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from highway 101.

1. 885 Olive Avenue, Suite A
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2. Community Healing
3255 Kerner Blvd. Suite 2
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Tel: 415-373-7827
Email:  attcm888@gmail.com
Is your body at optimal health? How does TCM measure
your health?
To find out if your body is at the healthy
state, please click
  A person can be sick in spirit, mind, or body at different the times, seasons
and/or geographic locations.  However, a person has only one state that is
healthy. Anything outside of that state is considered unhealthy.

Any ailments of your body are considered as being out of balance from the healthy
 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) does not rely on the lab tests and
machine examination for diagnosis. TCM has its own completely unique diagnosis
system to determine whether or not you are at the healthy state.  Most of the
time your body already has signs or signals to show a illness or disease of your
body before any clinical symptom(s) shown on your lab test.  For example, a redder
cheek is a sign of heart problem, purplish patch or color deposition on your face
indicating a bad blood circulation. Of cause, if one has some complaints such as
neck-shoulder stiffness, achy and soreness, or often have dizziness, headache,
memory loss, insomnia, low spirit, lack of interests or motivation to everything, or
often have loose stools, or sticky stools or no bowl movement in a few days,
waking up around 3 am at night, dreaming a lot and so on are the early signs of
various healthy issues. If you can address these early signs you are currently
experiencing before lab results, you will prevent years of bad health and help
prolong your life.  One should put more focus on disease prevention rather than
later on put lots of effor to treat a disease.      
Dr. Joy Tianyun Wu, Ph.D., DOAM., L.Ac.
We practice Chinese medicine and provide natural health care for you and your
family.  We accept most of health insurance coverage.  We can help release pain,
alleviate illness, restore health and prolong life which will allow you to find comfort,
joy and happiness, balance and peace.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (Eastern Medicine) has been around for 3,000 years
while conventional medicine (Western Medicine) has existed for only a few hundred
years. Chinese medicine is about nature. While Western medicine treats the
symptoms of disease. Eastern medicine seeks and heals the cause of illness. This
allows us to bring miracles everyday to our patients.
Now enlightened Americans like you are discovering why Chinese Medicine is so
helpful and healthy.  Let us help you feel and look your best.
How Long People can live

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Who we are ?
A human contains a physical
body, energy, and spirit, existing
at certain geographic location and

Any of these five factors has a
problem occurs that can cause  a
human illed or die.
<The Yellow Emperor
Internal Medicine> is one
of the earliest books
found in the corpus of
Traditional Chinese
Medicine, it is concidered
as the bible of TCM.
Nearly all academic
thoughts of many
well-known medical
masters during the history
of TCM have grown out of
the throretical system of
this book.  All the medical
theories come from
practice, and in tirn direct
The first chapter of <Huang Di Nei Jing. Su
Wen> describes the differences of living
styles between his time and what he
called ancient time. Here is what he said:

Original text: “上古之人,其知道者,法于阴

Translation: “People in ancient times had
knowledge about the Tao of the healthy
living. They followed the Yin Yang’s
principle, used proper therapies, knew
how to control eating and drinking, lived
with a regular schedule and did not over
exhausting bodies.   Thus, the bodies and
spirits were able to be completed and
connected, so that ancient people were
able to live to the human’s desired natural
age and passed away after over 100 years
old. ”

The human life of the period of (475 BC-
24AD) is portraited in the book as:

Original Text :“今时之人不然也,以酒为浆,

Translation: “However, nowadays people
are totally different from ancient time.
People believe fully indulging in one’s
desires is okay. They drink alcohol like
juice and have sex after getting drunk. They
enjoy exhausting their bodies and wiping
out their essence and true Qi. They can’t
control their desires and don’t know how to
nourish/cultivate spirit. They constantly
seek quick pleasure. This is the reverse of
the Tao, reverse of the true living and
happiness.  People has irregular life style
and lacks discipline and control. That is
why their bodies are already old when they
only reach to the half of a hundred years of
a man’s age.”  
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